The Introspect

Creating videos that can help understanding our species

Why we started?

Three guys from Denmark who want to contribute to a better and more just world by educating and informing people about our history, society, and identity as humans.

What do we do?

We make documentary films and explainer videos that focus on important and unseen events that can contribute to and influence people's mindset and education.

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Was an ancient settlement in central Turkey from 9000 to 7000 years ago, was known for its egalitarian society. Homes were built close together without streets, with access through rooftop openings. Residents lived as equals, with no signs of hierarchy or warfare.

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Explainer videos

Free shorter videos that digs into societal and historical subjects, that can help us understand the mechanisms in our word.


A broad archive of free documentaries that explores untold subjects and stories. Hopefully to help us understand our world better.

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Did the Danish government help this company destroy the sea?

Discover how a danish company destroyed the danish oceans with help from the government

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Coming soon

We are hard at work, making new content. Stay tuned!

Coming soon

We are hard at work, making new content. Stay tuned!


Our latest documentary

Çatalhöyük and the cultural transformation theory

Our documentary explores Çatalhöyük, an ancient civilization founded over 9,000 years ago, known for its egalitarian and peaceful society. Researchers like Riane Eisler have used Çatalhöyük in their studies to argue that early humans thrived in egalitarian societies until the dominator culture arrived.

Watch our video to understand how an ancient settlement can provide insights into who we are as a species.